REVEAL of and amazing DEAL!!!


Third Generation
Nov 5, 2008
New York State
Edit: apparently I can't spell when it comes to thread titles, sorry!

So I have been "casually" searching for a specific bag that I told myself if I could get a good deal on I would buy...which quickly turned into "I have to have her!" You know the drill...

A couple months go by and I bought her wallet partner at the outlet this past weekend. I marched home and began searching AGAIN and a couple days later found one of the poorest listings that I had ever # wrong, hardly any description. BUT there were pics of the actual bag and the seller had great communication when it came to my questions...ok I'll bite, "buy it now" here we come!

The little box she was shoved in did nothing great for my anxiety when I was signing the confirmation...who's in for a reveal!?