Reveal of an old season colour.

  1. Yes, it is. I just hope I don't have to worry about colour transfer. :biggrin:
  2. Love the colour Derpina. Hope you enjoy her.:smile:
  3. Beautiful!!! :biggrin: congrats on your lovely new bag.. :love:
  4. Ooh lovely colour Derpina, congrats on getting a bargain!
  5. Gorgeous
  6. Lovely colour x
  7. That's beautiful, lovely colour.
  8. Thank you ladies!:smile: You guys are the sweetest. I think I'm Mulberry content for now. Hope it lasts long. LOL
  9. Fabulous!! I love this colour and style, enjoy :smile:
  10. Congrats fab colour and the leather looks soft and yummy! Enjoy, you can't go wrong with a Lexie :smile:
  11. Mulberry do purples so well - that's a delicious colour
  12. Beautiful colour Lexie! Just lovely!
  13. Derpina - I have serious bag envy!!! I love purple anyway and this is just gorgeous!! Well done on such a great find! She looks great on you!!! Love, love, love!!! :love:
  14. I'm no expert of leather since this is only my second leather handbag. But yes, I think it grows on me. and I like the smell of the leather bag (sounds like a freak huh?).
  15. Agreed! And their light colour such as pebbled beige and plaster pink are very nice too but since I want to avoid colour transfer so i'll pass.