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  1. I just came back from business trip in Paris and managed to squeeze some time to visit 233 SH boutique.

    I wanted to get a small bag - something small but can accomodate two phones and a wallet. Easily access to inside but yet secured. Cross body sling. Not so common. Based on the criteria, the helpful SA showed me the 3 items.


    Would you guys like to guess which one I got eventually?
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  2. Cap Vert ?
  3. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466640564.107850.jpg

    Presenting Cap Vert!
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  4. Gorgeous, that looks really good! Great color choice as well, congrats! :smile:

    (I might have to consider this one, it looks lovely!)
  5. Fantastic. Congrats. Navy blue is pretty.
  6. Thanks! It was an unexpected purchase as I always thought cap vert has been discontinued.
  7. Congratulations - I love it! I thought the cap vert was discontinued too. It is especially lovely in navy!
  8. It looks amazing. So fresh. Seeing "small" Goyard bags is not so common. I love it
  9. Great bag and love your colour choice. Goyard do a great navy
  10. I also love the Goyard navy color... this bag on my wish list. Congratulations on your new bag!
  11. Can I ask how much u paid?
  12. Sorry I can't remember the exact. Recalled its around 1300+ eur. Slightly less than the grand bleu pm.