Reveal of a Nero frame BV

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  1. D69A6D44-F600-40A4-8E43-084708807376.jpeg 683CCAC4-2CB1-4F05-99E2-4633C7799697.jpeg 7A149111-4FD9-4631-9F61-BD6D4D98F2C7.jpeg 55E1FA08-AC81-4067-83BB-B95A96D1C560.jpeg I collected this new-to-me pre-loved BV frame bag yesterday from the post office. It has a formal yet ladylike silhouette. It comes in a decent condition with some minor scratches on its leather lining otherwise all good. I found out that this bag was made in 2008 making it a decade old! I think the older bags have better leather. This bag has leather that feels a bit more supple than some of the current ones.

    Thank you for letting me share
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  2. What a lovely silhouette of a bag and I like your gorgeous collection of plants "framing" the bag in the first picture. Amazing that you found a BV treasure with leather lining! I'm sure you will enjoy it a lot.
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  3. Beautiful bag! Enjoy!
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  4. I LOVE it! Never seen this style before. I would totally buy one of these if I came across it.
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  5. Such a pretty shape! Enjoy!
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  6. Congratulations on your beautiful find!
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  7. What an amazing classic bag! Enjoy.
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  8. Very sinple and elegant and there is such an ease to it. A perfect example of all that makes BV great.
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  9. what a gorgeous find! :loveeyes:
    totally love the turnlock and dual sided opening! :tup:
    actually i tend to agree with you, i keep thinking why it took me a while to get the Mona Lisa Pillow which i loved for a long time (thanks to @diane278 's posts) but felt meh when i saw it released recently.
    It felt dry.
    It felt not the same smooth and soft as my older intrecciato.
    I touched it (a few times, in various stores) but never wanted to hold it.
    my older bags felt totally different, and i get what you mean :yes:
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  10. Totally agree with you- love the leather on the older bags - they are more chewy and btw, on Mona Lisa, I have not been lucky with this color. Thrice purchased and thrice returned or sold at a significant loss - I can’t touch that color -LOL! I have learnt my lesson the 3rd time round
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  11. i have had a long wallet from the first release, and i know i can bet safely on a small size (Pillow e.g.), but it took me a long while to find the right bag (leather wise) which was soft enough and nice to the touch.
    I remember i had the same thing with China red wallet, in 2 stores they felt paper dry! Luckily one I ordered from Matches was ok, and did soften up with use.
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  12. Congratulations on your bag. It’s beautiful and classic. I hope you enjoy her.
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  13. Bravissimo!

    BV should totally reissue these, I'd buy one
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