Reveal of a controversial bag...

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  1. A little back story...I've been holding out for the perfect tan caviar bag (ideally, with ruthenium hardware) to fill a gaping hole in my collection, so as soon as I saw this on the pre-fall list I immediately got on it. I was ecstatic! My perfect combo! My only concern was if the actual shade of camel/tan would work for me. While vacationing last week, I saw that this bag was hitting the US store (and saw that it was in fact a perfect shade of camel/tan for me!), so I contacted my SA to see if she had received it yet and was told it would be in any time. I was overjoyed, even though I'd just blown most of my bag budget in Europe. Then the scathing reviews started popping up and I became concerned that this might not be my "perfect tan bag" after all. But when my SA notified me on Monday that my bag was in, I placed the order...fingers crossed, holding my breath and continuing to read the reviews...some good, but a lot not so good. I decided I was going to reserve judgment until I received the bag. So here she camel caviar old medium boy with ruthenium hardware from the pre fall 2016 collection....

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  2. ooooh so excited for you (although seriously I saw how much new stuff you just got in Europe - this is quite an exciting month!). This is definitely the first time since I've been into Chanel bags that I saw a camel/tan color instead of beige.

    How do you like the leather? I saw the reviews about it being softer kind of caviar and that it's less shiny/puffy, but thought that it should be ok (especially in this color?) since it's a boy bag vs classic - style wise, the not so shiny might actually work well? I like the other tpf member's perspective: even if it's not stiff like the classic caviar, it must be more durable than lamb and even goatskin I would guess so what's the problem unless you want the puffy shiny look?
  3. Here are a couple more shots...a close up of the grain and a comparison vs. a couple other caviar items I own.

    My first reaction when I opened the box (aside from questioning why it was packaged in a white dust bag reserved for Classic Flaps and Reissues and not the typical black drawstring dust bag lol) was that I LOVE the color! It is the perfect shade of tan/camel for my wardrobe and exactly what I was hoping for! Not too yellow, not too dark. So color is spot on.

    Then there is the finish...which as others have noted is more matte than my other caviar pieces, but it still has a bit of a sheen to it. In paint terms (from most matte to most shiny as follows: Flat, Matte, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss and Hi-Gloss) the finish would be comparable to Eggshell, possibly Satin. Now I could see how this might not be ideal for those wanting the bag in black or red (depending on the look you are going for), but in the camel, it is perfect for me since I was looking for a casual bag and anything too shiny make it more dressy, IMO.

    Quality...hard to say. Everything lines up nicely and the stitching looks good. The quilts are a bit flatter than my other caviar items, but I'm not sure that is a quality issue...more of a style difference. I have 3 other boys, but one is goat and two are calf, so its hard to compare. This bag is definitely softer than the goat boy, because that thing is a like a tank, but is probably about as soft as the calf boys (based on pinching the bottom and bending the flap). I did notice that the clasp is a bit tougher to snap closed on this boy vs. my others, but I believe that is due to the ruthenium hardware vs. the shiny finish of my other three.

    As happy as I am with the bag overall, I am having trouble falling in love with it due to all the negative reviews. So I am going to sit on it for a couple days and see how I feel. I have turned down a lot of other beige and tan bags offered to me by various SAs holding out for this exact bag and in all honesty, had I not read the negative reviews, it would probably have been love at first sight. But since I truly appreciate this forum and everyone's contributions and I value the opinions of the other TPFers, I want to take some time to consider it. If it were only a matter of style, I wouldn't bother since many people have differences of opinions there...but I want to make sure I am satisfied with the quality and durability of the bag.

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    I think the color is beautiful. If you truly love the color and have no problem with the leather, you should keep it. I have no issue with mine, and I don't let others' opinions affect my decision. It all comes down to personal preferences, but when I received mine I felt that some of the negative reviews are somewhat exaggerated.
  5. Congrats!!! :smile:
  6. Hi OP, Thanks for your thoughtful post and review! It's especially helpful since you have other boys to compare to. I feel the same as you - although I haven't received mine yet I love the look of it and feels it fits perfectly into my lifestyle and chanel collection (fills in a gap!). But same as you, it's disheartening to read the reviews of those that are unhappy with the quality. I'm hoping when I get mine I will know right away whether its love or not! I do think yours is beautiful though and if you love it then disregard what you read. I think everyone's expectations, opinions, style etc are different so really it comes down to personally whether someone loves it or not! Congrats on your beautiful bag :heart::smile:
  7. I just got mine and have exactly same thought with you! It's not like I don't like the bag, but worry about bad reviews ;( I am personally not a big fan of camel color, but I like this camel a lot! Since we are having the same thought, I cannot say whether keep it or not to you, but for sure color is just perfect! I even start to debate the size of my boy lol haha never ending thinking lol
  8. It's a beautiful bag, but I feel you should personally love the bag true heartedly instead relying on other peoples review/opinions! Others opinions should not affect how you feel about your dream camel bag! ️

    Your comparison photos shows a beautiful finish, unique in its own!

    Hope you can decide easily, but keep us updated!!
  9. I've seen lots of reviews on TPF of the new caviar boys and while I don't like the look of the black caviar, I think the caviar looks beautiful in this color. I sort of prefer the matte finish with the RHW.
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    I just received mine and have read all the negative reviews as well. I would keep it if you love the color. I don't own another boy to compare with but I don't think the bag is as bad as the reviews make it out to be. I like the matte look and how it looks more casual. When I first opened the box, the bottom of the bag seemed soft and was scared it will sag. But upon closer investigation, there is a gap between the leather and the cloth inside, so how much you put it won't affect the bottom leather. The cloth seems tight enough that it doesn't really touch the base. The sides seem sturdy enough to keep the bag in shape. All bags will eventually lose some shape unless they are completely hard. I plan on putting a small cardboard insert on the bottom (I do this to most of my bags) to keep its shape.

    I, too, was sort of swayed by the negative reviews but if I had never read those reviews I don't think I would have known the difference. I just assume the leathers are always different because it is natural leather and they are never the same. I own the 16c mini caviar and that one is too shiny for my taste but doesn't bother me too much(it did initially but now I like it) I also own a cardholder that is probably closest to the 14b caviar(also my favorite texture out of the three.)

    I don't think I will ever be 100% content with ANY bag but that is just the perfectionist in me. The prefall caviar is good enough for me and will be keeping it. If the color is perfect, probably keep it(Plus, I don't think you will have a problem reselling in the future, if you really don't like the bag later.)

    I got the black caviar by the way
  11. I received mine in black caviar, and kept thinking about the bad reviews too :sad:
  12. OP, I can see that you really love this bag and has only trouble because of some negative reviews. I am one of those that was really disappointed with these caviar boys. I ordered the black caviar boy in old medium. The thing is I also have 2 other boys to compare them with and the other one is a 14B red caviar boy. I also used to own a black caviar boy in new medium from 14B and because of that it was really hard for me to like these batch of caviar boys it just not up to par with the 14B caviar boys. But then again it is personal preference as is your case here. If you truly love it, don't let other negative reviews affect your love for it. I personally just can't feel it for this bag in black. But it might be different in a Tan color. So good luck and I hope you make the right decision.
  13. Thank you all for your opinions and input. I really appreciate it! I am definitely leaning towards keeping it, but I've boxed it back up and will pull it out again tomorrow and see if it still wows me like it did today. Here is a shot of all 4 boys for comparison (iridescent purple goat, nude chevron calf, navy chevron calf and the camel caviar). I do believe it fits right in!

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  14. I bought the same bag as you. I have to tell you, I think it's really, really pretty. I honestly don't think I would like the color as much if it were the shinier caviar! Especially as I'm a very casual dresser and this bag is def casual. Which is when I best love Chanel - when it's this classic, iconic "fancy" brand and being able to wear it everyday (Wearing converse with Chanel is perfection, in my book) is too cool.

    I think it sounds like this is one of those bags that if you return, you'll end up regretting a year from now. :smile: However, this is no small amount of money, so be sure you're as happy as possible.

    Good luck with your decision!

  15. Wow! Beautiful collection :smile:As it pertain to your new boy it seems that you love the color, style and harware the only drawbacks are the leather finish and the structure of the bag in the near future. I can see your delimia but I have not seem it in person so for me my only wisdom is give it a few days more to see if you truly inlove with the new bag, it's a beautiful color