Reveal of 1980 Lauren clutch

  1. 66E8ED28-9651-42EE-B65A-76B8A5412B6E.jpeg I am inspired by all the lovely ways Diane carries her 1980 Lauren. I got this Lauren mid-week and am excited on my first outing with it today - off to a lunch appointment. This shall be the first time I left home with less than a full shoulder bag or a cross body :smile: I am not a clutch person as they hold little but I love the size of Lauren. Can even fit a brolly!
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  2. Congratulations! I think you’ll love it. Once you get used to it, its a great way to carry fewer things. I used to carry lots of things “just in case I needed them” but I never did. :hugs::drinks:
  3. I looove that bag! You are correct, the bag is roomy and very elegant at the same time. Enjoy!
  4. Congrats on a great classic BV :flowers:
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  5. Such a lovely bag, congrats!! :drinks:
  6. Your Lauren is lovely
  7. Beautiful bag in a great color - enjoy!
  8. Thank you so much all, for the kind words! I carried this around in the outdoors for about 9 hours and like the style very much. Fortunately, I didn’t stuff it to the brim else it will be a tad tiring to lug around by hand for that period This said, it did somehow doubled up as a small mobile dumbbell for me today -LOL.
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  9. So glad the style is working for you. Gorgeous color in a timeless chic style!
  10. I love the Lauren and am debating one myself. Enjoy using it!
  11. I am soooo tempted by this clutch even though my lifestyle doesn’t call for one.
  12. +1
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  13. Thank you again, I would recommend one and you will find ways to carry it ;)
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  14. Gorgeous and timeless!!!! Congrats!
  15. Many thanks :smile:
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