Reveal - oak copenhagen backpack!

  1. First off, I love the city of Copenhagen - It is one of my favorite places in the world :smile: Couple that with yearning for a leather backpack for about a solid decade now with my love of BE bags, and add a sale - deal!

    The leather is chewy and just begging to be broken in and the size seems generous without being too big. I have yet to fill her up and see how she wears on the shoulders but I plan to do so soon!
    image-2659709494.jpg image-2599649999.jpg image-1033473759.jpg
  2. A few more.


    This shot was after many tries!


    To open the lock, you just squeeze in the two knobs - very easy. Although there is a keyhole, it's a "faux" keyhole so don't expect a key but I would want a key anyway. I envision this as a great bag for tooling around cities, walking around with the boys and shopping, and of course, flying on board with me to/from Copenhagen :smile: love, love, love anything that is hands free!

    The leather is a little stiffer than how the black velvet matte started out when I first received my Barcelona. But that has broken in beautifully!! I need to get some leather honey for both bags as well :smile:
  3. Very Pretty. Don't see what you mean about the plating on the lock. It appears to be like mine (Rio and Florence).
  4. Yes, Copenhagen is a lovely city..all almost in walking range :smile: got the it was you also considering the Grey, which I recieved:p ..I have also been pestering Jackie about tha backpack for a while now!

    I think your brown looks chewy and lovely..what leather was this?

    I could not open the lock at first..OMG I felt silly, but on the other hand it would take thieving fingers a while to figure it out as well..LOL!:graucho:

    So how do you feel about the pockets? Will it be strange to have the zippered pockets a la Cannes placed on the bag?
  5. It's the little faux keyhole, right in the center of the middle bulb - mine is the dark metal with no plating inside. On the website, this looked to be all gold, but apparently it is not. Not a deal breaker, but initially I thought the lock was broken!
  6. I read your response re the pockets on your Cannes thread, and my initial thought was that ..perhaps some larger zippered pockets may add a bit sleeker look to the well as being practical!

    I've only used my Copenhagen once, and will post pictures soon!
  7. Finally wearing her today and sooo liking it! I'm traveling to Copenhagen next month and cannot wait to take her!
    image-3688472060.jpg image-2137180310.jpg
  8. Gorgeous bag...enjoy!
  9. she looks fantastic, I even love her hand held, safe travels!!!
  10. I really want to see this when it is all broken in and smooshy.
  11. Me too!! I can't wait to put some Leather Honey on her also, to soften the leather and deepen the color, which is growing on me :smile:
  12. It's a beautiful bag, and leather- the stitching detail is gorgeous.
  13. Just drooling over her! Love this leather and the bag looks so yummy!
  14. I have now used my Copenhagen and it's so pleasant to walk with handsfree. It's light to carry and easy to get the stuff in and out..but I would still prefer zipper back pockets!