Reveal--new Small Cape Bag

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  1. #1 Jan 13, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2016
    I am so excited about this bag, which just arrived. Don't even have good lighting here for pics, but had to share.
    Thanks to great advice from LT Bag Lady and jburgh, I bravely went ahead and ordered this despite not having seen the bag in person- LOVE at first sight. :heart: The resin sealant at edges is plum toned, and the interior has a brown fabric lining.
    Main impressions: VERY light empty (haven't carried it yet), perfect size for me in the Small (a medium size despite its name), so easy to access things with its generous unstructured opening, the leather is gorgeous with a nice sheen and very supple, and this burgundy is rich and plummy.:smile:
  2. Congratulations! I agree. It doesn't look small. Enjoy your new bag!
  3. Thank you!🤗
  4. Very pretty.
  5. Thanks.:smile: The color is hard to capture in pics. In reality it is a true dark burgundy with decidedly reddish plum tones, not quite as purple as the camera sees it. Another view:
    Cape sofa.jpg
  6. Very pretty! I like everthing about it. The style is elegant, yet practical. I do think I saw the mini and medium, thinking the medium was a small. This size looks just right. Hehe, Tod's always reminds me of goldilocks and the 3 bears.

  7. Thanks.
    Three bears! :P I like a brand that gives you these size options. Yep, the Small is quite a nice, generous size, especially so because of the unique way it opens up. It really is an unusual combo of tote-handbag.
  8. Beautiful bag. Can it be carried on the shoulder like a tote bag?

  9. Thanks! No, not in the Small size, but in the Medium size definitely you can. The Medium is actually a large bag. Dimensions are on the website. A Tods SA will send you pics showing it shoulder carried if you ask.
  10. Lovely bag. I received my teal cape bag yesterday. Love the smooth, soft leather and unique design

    I have the small size and can easily carry it on my shoulder
  11. Congrats, the teal was the color I first liked when I read about the Cape. I wonder how it looks shoulder carried. Post a pic, if you feel comfortable doing that!
  12. I will...but maybe Friday or sat....I guess we both got each other's first color choice