Reveal: new Riley in saffiano leather!

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  1. Got this with my 25% off pce card today! The SA brought this out from the's apparently so new that its not even on the floor or the website yet!

    Love the saffiano leather and mint colour!

    (I know the top with the zipper is suppose to be pushed down to make the bag more rectangular...but somehow i prefer this shape more!)

  2. :loveeyes: Gorgeous!!

    Side note: that necklace on the dress form in the background is so pretty!
  3. Gorgeous!! I really love the shape.
  4. Very pretty!
  5. Pretty!
  6. ohhh i really like it! congrats:smile:
    do u happen to know other colors its available in ?
  7. thanks everyone!

    they said this is the only colour they know so far since it's not listed anywhere yet.
  8. Wow, that bag is stunning, congratulations! I had no idea the Riley was coming out in saffiano and the color is just beautiful. Something new to add to my wishlist, thanks for posting!
  9. Wow! Love it!
  10. That bag is soooo classy. Love it.
  11. Pretty!
  12. Gorgeous! I love Riley and it's just stunning in the mint saffiano!
  13. Yours is Duck Egg Blue right? Black with silver is the only other color I see right now in Saff.
  14. Very pretty and elegant! Congrats!
  15. yes it is