REVEAL: New Purchases, Lady Dior & Miss Dior

  1. Haven't done a reveal in a while so thought I'd put up a few things Iv bought over the past few months. Love them all :love::biggrin:

    1. Lady Dior in Rouge Vif with GHW (large size)
    2. Black New Miss Dior with GHW (large size)
    3. Cocquelicot New Miss Dior with SHW (large size)-- this is a gorgeous reddish pink. Flash photos don't do it justice.

    Due to the photo restrictions here, iv had to reduce definition. The red and coquelicot look v similar here, but in real life they are quite different.

    Wishlist (super soon ;)): Diorissimo in black (medium) with GHW :graucho:
    photo 1.JPG photo 3.JPG photo.jpg photo 2 copy.JPG photo 1 copy.JPG
  2. Congrats on your bags. There are all lovely. I esp. love the Concquelicot Miss Dior. Can you please share how much and where you found this beauty? It looks like this is the old style. I prefer the old style. Do you know what other colors they have available in this style? Thanks :smile:
  3. Oh my goodness! Three drop-dead-gorgeous bags! Congratulations on your recent purchases. I really love the leather-interlaced chain on the Miss Dior bags.
  4. Thank you babes!

    This is the new style of Miss Dior with the leather-metal interwoven chain (same structure, different chain). The other style is the soft Miss Dior. Both these were released at the same time.
    I got both the Miss Dior's for approx $4700 in Asia (note that this is the large size). The colours are seasonal so not sure you'll be able to find the entire range at any one store.. Hong Kong that has multiple Dior stores did not have the Coquelicot for months-- found it in a store in another Asian city! #Yay :smile:

    The colours I saw in LARGE Miss Dior were black, blue (deep bright blue), coquelicot.
    All the other colours (and there are many colours available) come in smaller size.

    Hope this helps! :smile:
  5. Thanks for the info. I love miss dior rectangle style better than the trapezoid shape. I also like the interwoven chain. Congrats on your bags.
  6. Gorgeous bags! Love the colors and the interlaced chain really is so pretty on the MD.
  7. Absolutely gorge!!!! Always loved the classic shape of the original Miss Dior bags, with the structure and shape
  8. Wow. Love all of your reveal. They are all on my wishlist. Enjoy your beautiful purchase.
  9. Love the colors!
  10. Love all your bags!!!
  11. OMG, Three!!! The red is breathtaking!!!
  12. Beautiful bags!
  13. Wow! 3bags, lucky you. Can't go wrong with your babies.
  14. Goodness gracious. All are awesome haul. Big congratulation!!! My heart was pumping when i saw them. Lol. They are all so pretty. What a great choice!!!
  15. Omg.....I've seen those colour in real life. I wish I have the guts to carry lambskin... Those three bags are top class and super gorgeous!!!!! Congrats!!!!