[Reveal] New Exotic Addition..


Sep 8, 2013
Hello all!

Been away for a while and here I am back again... As the subject states, yes.. a new exotic to my growing collection.. but this time its an.. Ostrich!

Its the first time ever that I buy an ostrich Lady Dior, I have been hesitating over it, plus everytime I got to see one I just I didn't like the colours that it came in that much.. but when I saw this one.. it felt like it was calling me!! lol its weird but at the boutique I was just walking around and my eyes just keep landing on it every now and then.. and sneak a peek at it when I'm at the other end of the boutique lol anyway.. here is the reveal of it... plus, I have bought myself some RTW from the Cruise collection, with a scarf and a ring!

And I saw this scarf and loved it!! Thought I'd use it when I carry my ostrich LD. Lately I am obsessed with Dior scarves, specially those big ones, I am using them as tops, everyone at the boutique compliments me about it, and then they are totally shocked that its a Dior scarf lol