Reveal: New 30cm Birkin This Week!

  1. That is beautiful, congrats!
  2. This is one very special Birkin. You're a very very lucky lady! What awesome luck to walk into the SF store and see this on the shelf.

  3. Congratulations again!! Thanks for sharing this lovely beauty and enjoy in good heath.

    Hermes fairy, please please please please PLEASE bring back Chevre Mysore Birkins very very soon!
  4. Congratulations!! How very, very lucky of you!! Absolutely gorgeous color, and on my very favorite leather!!:heart:
  5. Gorgeous! What a fantastic find!
  6. [​IMG]

    Beautiful birkin, happyhblue! :drool::drool::drool:
    Congratulations! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    Modelling pics? :woohoo:
  7. Oh my!!!! This is a REALLY, REALLY beautiful birkin!!!! YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!
  8. Congrats!!! What a wonderful visit and this beauty just waiting for you!
  9. Absolutely GORGEOUS! I love Chevre!
  10. Congrats once again, happyhblue!

    Yes please and Cdc too.
  11. This was my PO (in 35) a few years back....that never materialized are So Lucky - she's beautiful - congratulations!!

  12. Nice :nuts: Congrats :heart:
  13. Congratulations on your purchase, what a beautiful bag!!! Our paths must have crossed this week cause I was in the SF store on Monday, no Birkins on the shelves while I was there! Lucky you :tup:.
  14. Thank you for all of the good wishes, everyone. It is my first H bag, and I am very excited!:heart:
  15. i love the color! congratulations, you are incredibly lucky!! :smile: