Reveal: neo noe with bandouliere strap

  1. With the store credit from my Go-14 Sad departure of a very beautiful bag... (go-14 malletage) , I got a few items ....
    1) speedy monogram 35 for my mil
    2) Cherie pumps
    3) neo noe in Coquelicot
    4) vuitton bandouliere strap

    Neo noe in Coquelicot was out of stock earlier. My SA managed to got hold of the new orders as of last week...

    So without further ado.... here are the photos... IMG_1495246937.643426.jpg IMG_1495246974.532978.jpg IMG_1495247025.115789.jpg IMG_1495247109.909212.jpg IMG_1495247127.622259.jpg IMG_1495247141.210108.jpg IMG_1495247158.843234.jpg IMG_1495247172.114322.jpg IMG_1495247189.697004.jpg IMG_1495247204.316400.jpg
  2. vuitton bandouliere strap
    IMG_1495247310.458837.jpg IMG_1495247331.805975.jpg IMG_1495247458.093327.jpg IMG_1495247486.680260.jpg IMG_1495247510.300723.jpg

    With neo noe
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  3. Modeling shots: I'm 5ft 1... wearing the Cherie pump
    so the neo noe cross body strap is too long on me..

    With vuitton bandouliere strap - I can now use the bag cross body

    IMG_1495247815.764976.jpg IMG_1495247845.556080.jpg

    IMG_1495247942.274052.jpg IMG_1495247942.274052.jpg
  4. Gorgeous!
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  5. That looks fabulous! And the pumps Love all the options the bandouliere strap gives you. I hope you enjoy the bag- I can't seem switch out of mine since I got it, it's just so perfect.
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  6. Very creative thinking! Love this bandouliere strap with it! Love those pumps too
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  7. Its great! love all the pics and the pumps!
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  8. Congrats, just beautiful !!!
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    Thank you ... :smile:
    kinda look forward to use this bag everyday
  10. Gorgeous, congratulations!
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  11. Thanks :smile:
  12. Very nice!
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  13. It looks beautiful on you! And I agree with LV-Forever, it's a bag that I cannot seem to switch out of either. Love it, congratulations!
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  14. Wow- what a difference. It looks great. I have the black trim on order & am also petite. Thanks so much for sharing options. Enjoy your bag.
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  15. Thank you
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