Reveal, need advice

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  1. Love the new Sarah, like the colour, feel and texture of the new epi material. But I am not sure about the glazing. Afraid of chipping or cracking and the black colour. I still thinking should I change it to a zippy? There is just 8 card slots in the Zippy compare to Sarah which has 16. Also do you think Rose Clair is too light for everyday use? Will Corail suit better? I like both colours. Not sure to keep or not.

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  2. Oh my! That truly is beautiful! However, it might get dirty quickly, especially in the coin compartment. But its stunning, I don't know if I could part with it!
  3. It is really gorgeous! If you love it, then keep it. It is Epi so I'm sure it would hold up very well!
  4. I would choose the coral color over this pink, coral is also very kawaii!
  5. It's stunning! Keep it!
  6. Oh my goodness, I don't know how I'd ever let go of this beauty, but do what your heart tells you or you won't be satisfied. Good luck!
  7. +1
  8. So pretty, I'd keep it!
  9. A keeper! It's so pretty!
  10. Epi wears very well, always looks new! I have quite a few pieces i am happy about! Keep it!
  11. The rose is absolutely beautiful :love: It looks perfect with your bag! I would definitely keep it!
  12. Gorgeous. I'm no help because I'm torn between the Clair and Corail myself. But, I would not trade this in for a zippy. I need all those compartments!
  13. Thank you for all your advice. The coral colour looked like more orange under the spotlights in the shop esp. it is placed next to the yellow one. For the ladies who own the coral epi items, can you tell me if it is more pink or orange in day light? I am a pink girl so maybe I will just keep this one. I don't want to regret again as I have returned the ikat Sarah last year that I still very very love.
  14. +1
  15. I'm more of a pink girl too and I absolutely LOVE corail.... =)