REVEAL: My very first Chanel, and why it's a seasonal bag

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  1. Hi there! So I'm a long-time lurker, but I've never posted a thread, much less a reveal, much less a reveal in the glorious annals of the Chanel subforum. But lo, here I am. Aaaaah!

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  2. Ooooh a live one!
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  3. First, a little context, because, let's face it, buying a bag is deeply personal. I've loved Chanel ever since my handbag obsession flared four years ago, but I never thought I would buy one. Why? First, the expense, but also: the conspicuousness. I've never been a fan of labels and logos, and I felt those double Cs -- as much as I admired them on other women -- would brand me in a way that made me feel uncomfortable.
  4. I'm waiting
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  5. OPEN IT HEFFA!! LMFAO I'm kidding lol.
  6. DYING!!! Hahaha
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  7. Back after dinner......wait til I come back lol mmkay?
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  8. Let's see
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    Ha ha!
    So several weeks ago, I go into Chanel with a friend (something I never do) and discover The Bag. The SA says only three boutiques in the U.S. have this specific bag (whether this is still true, who knows). I adore it, but there's major sticker shock. Keep in mind that the most I've spent on a bag, up until now, is $700. And that was three years ago. Chanel_pic_3.jpg
  10. How many bags had I admired, pinned, and even purchased, only to return them - because somehow, they just weren't right?

    As I stood in the boutique, clutching The Bag, I could tell by the way my friend was squinting at me that I resembled some wild, blood-lusty animal. What was five grand, really? When it meant satisfying a multi-year quest?
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    I decided not to take the plunge. I F'ing loved it, and it would probably be sold out in six months, but the price was insanity. I reluctantly returned her to the SA and bid adieu.
  12. Uhhh 2 hours later and still not open??? I thought I was late!
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    Fast forward two weeks, and I'm in Rome. It's the last day of an amazing stay in a magical city. And I think: I'll just go into Chanel. I'll just give her another look.

    The saleswoman, Chiara, brought me the bag. And when she whipped out her calculator and showed me the price, excluding VAT - and I realized I'd save nearly 25 percent if I bought it in Rome rather than the U.S. - well, how could I say no?

    After all, it's from Chanel's Paris in Rome 2015/16 Métiers d'Art collection!
  14. Congrats!
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  15. An hour later, I was sitting outside, happily sipping a glass of Barolo before dinner. Here's to something that's worth the wait!