**Reveal ** My two new to me preloved Mulberry’s

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  1. I have wanted an Alexa since I first saw them, I wasn’t in a financial position to buy them at the time. So now that my career has taken off I was excited to find these two beauties on Fashionphile. I’m in love, they are beautiful. Meet my 2 regular size Alexa’s 1 in Oak and 1 in Plaster Pink. IMG_3192.JPG IMG_3201.JPG IMG_3093.JPG
    What fits
    IMG_3111.JPG IMG_3096.JPG
  2. Congratulations, they look in super condition!
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  3. Gorgeous bags. Congratulations!
  4. LOVE the plaster pink especially!
  5. Classics!
  6. They're so pretty! You're making me want an oak Alexa too....