Reveal: My sunset medium campana plus anything about the medium campana


Dec 16, 2006
I've always wanted a yellow bag (or anything but black.) I used to want a yellow goyard bag which i finally bought a white. Then I have developed the love of Bottega Veneta bag for the past 2 years.

My first BV bag was a medium belly veneta in fuchsia. A very wild choice of color. But I love it and I always get compliment whenever I carry it.

Then, the medium belly veneta became too small, the color became too wild. So, I opted for the large belly veneta in ebano. I love it as much as the small fuchsia one. I love how it can hold EVERYTHING I put in. The shoulder strap never hurts my shoulder.

(My thread comparing medium vs large belly veneta )

Then, The large veneta became too big :P I had Chanel reissue in black but I wanted a more "relaxed" black bag which sometimes I could dress up, sometimes down. (This is how I managed myself to always have a reason for a new bag:graucho:) I finally bought a black medium campana bag, the one that I have to say that it was the most beloved BV bag of all I had.) I carried it 99% of the time for the past 6 months.

Then BV released a yellow bag, something I have always wanted!! And finally...I got it!! yeahhhh:lol:

I didn't take a pic of my new bag alone. But this pic is my favorite.

This pic shows what happen to your campana after you have used it almost everyday for 6 months. Both bags are not loaded.

The bellys

And the modelling pic
Top from Zara
Jeans from Joe's
Scarf from Alice by Temperley (Panthera scarf)
Shoes from Bloch

I didn't take a pic which the campana is carried under the shoulder. But I have the old pic from the other thread. I put it here so it helps you see why I love the bag. It is sooooo versatile.

I used hair elastics to extend the belt of the bag. If not, the belt interferes with the magnetic closure.

How do you use your mirrors? I always keep them in the envelops that come with the bags. But started to think about carrying them with my bags. They are soooo cute.

Hope you enjoy my thread. Sorry about the pic. I have always used a 'real' camera because it captures the beauty of the bag better. But my camera was broke at the moment.


Sep 7, 2006
I have never used the BV mirrors so far. I find them rather heavy...especially since I am someone who carries everything in her bag, except the kitchen sink! I am also worried about breaking them anyway as it does not comes in a pouch of it's own.


Jul 15, 2007
A very pretty choice paepaega! It's perfect on you! You have a lovely collection. I love yellow too!


Sep 29, 2006
Gorgeous color. I'm a huge campana fan and absolutely stealing your hair elastic extender!


BV ~ Ferragamo ~ TODs
Aug 17, 2007
In the Forest
What a great collection. I have both sizes of Belly, too. A large Ebano, and a small Orchid. Orchid is bright and "wild" and I love it!