REVEAL: my second new to me BV :)

  1. That's simply gorgeous!
  2. Love it!! Congratulations on your new to you BV:smile:
  3. Sometimes new to me are the best ones...enjoy
  4. a brilliant choice - congratulations !
  5. Thank you! It pretty much is, only some pen marks on the inside, but who looks at that anyways

    Thanks, I totally agree!!

    Thank you so much ladies :smile:
  6. WOW stunning :yahoo:
  7. Thank you :smile: :smile: :smile:
  8. Such a beauty! Glad you are enjoying this fantastic bag! You are reminding me to take out my first BV love for a spin.
  9. Thanks! Yay! Sometimes we forget we have certain bags when we get new ones, but when we wear the first loves, we remember why we fell in love in the first place :smile:
  10. Excellent reveal! Enjoy!
  11. Thank you so much :smile:

    Will do