Reveal My RGGH Black City

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  1. Hi all,

    Finally I got the bag that has the type of leather I want. I can't stop watching at it. Many thanks Jojo for this beautiful bag and Susan Lee for your advices.


  2. Wow!! The leather is TDF!!! :smile: Congrats on your latest baby!!
  3. Thank You. Finally I can stop finding a black, but still search for another color with good leather ;).
  4. What a beauty! Look at its leather! :nuts: :faint:

  5. You picked a beauty! Congrats!
  6. Thanks HandbagAngle and CivicGirl. I am soo happyy.:yahoo:
  7. yum, what a butt she has! congrats!
  8. Oh pimrak, she is gorgeous, any chance of a mod shot????

    Enjoy this hot bag!
  9. Absolutely beautiful!
    Many congrats on finally finding the bag you wanted.
  10. Ok pimrak....that is a beauty. That last shot should really be entered in the 'you know what' thread.*

    * Hint: "show us your butts" thread
  11. ^ subtle hint!
    that bag is a beauty - love the butt! is it as soft as it looks?
  12. Thanks all

    Her butt is very thick, soft and sexxy. I really fall in love with her butt. :love:.

    Maxxout I know what thread you mean ;)
  13. ^^^
    Well, I see I have underestimated your powers of observation (as well as the seductive power of the butt thread).

    Get that thing over there.
  14. OMG! Stunning!!! Congrats Pimrak!!! :ghi5: so glad you were able to snag this beauty!!

    Mod shots!!
  15. Hi Susan, Thanks again for your help. I am glad I made the right decision to buy it.