Reveal: my Paris loot (it IS "cheaper" to buy in Paris!)


Loving my Lindy!
Jan 4, 2009
south florida
hi gang...some of you might remember my million questions about my Paris trip a couple of weeks ago. first of all, many many thanks for your help and your patience in guiding me.

i came back last week and had a WONDERFUL time! it was my first time and am totally overwhelmed by the place - but of course, the highlight of my trip was going to Hermes and getting my holy grail :yahoo:

i went to both FSH and George V like four times in the 10 days i was there...both places had a good selection of purses, plus all these goodies that i had never seen before in the US.

the only problem was that the Birkins were mainly 35's and 40's...which didn't meet my needs...but it's ok since i was able to pick this baby up (DRUMROLL PLEASE) - :graucho: