reveal.... my one & only MICRO SMOOTH!!!

  1. yey!!! im happy for you! i'll wait for you reveal! :graucho::graucho:
    Thanks megs!!
  2. you look so cute w/ her! congrats!
  3. Thanks!!!
  4. Congrats, look great on you..
  5. She's so pretty! Congrats! Can u tell me if an iPad would fit in a micro?
  6. The size is perfect for petite people like us, the Mini is overwhelmingly huge on me, that's why i owned 3 Micros. It's very unbelievably spacious inside, that i have no problem switching the same contents from my Bal Cities w/ the help of the purse organizer & vise versa.

    Black is a great choice too. Congrats & we'll see how long you can resist the next Celine ;)
  7. Yes! An Ipad definetely can fit in it! :smile:
  8. Hahaha!! Yes, i know! Let's see how long!...

    I got soo pressured into buying the micro this month because of the fear of price increases! Plus the fact that its sooo hard to find a micro! :smile:

    And yes again, its really unbelievably roomy!! :smile: whih im very happy about! :smile:

  9. Thank u!! :smile: