Reveal-MY Newly Work RH

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  1. maybe not a hot color.
  2. Yes. it's latte. pic is under indoor warm light.
  3. It's gorgeous!! I LOVE Latte. Enjoy!!
  4. under indoor cold light.
  5. another indoor cold light
  6. some modeling pics
    DSC_0988-001.JPG DSC_1006-001.JPG DSC_1007-001.JPG
  7. Because it's night now. I will show it's real color under natural light later.
  8. swhao907, it is completely beautiful! I love Latte! Thanks for the mod shots too, it looks so great on, this Work really suits you! Stunning!
  9. first post as a new member, what better than to give a balenciaga owner ...GORGEOUS!!
  10. Love!!
  11. Gorgeous leather, congrats! How do you find the handles? Do they stay on your shoulder or slip off? I want a new season work, but I know Bal has been messing with the handle drop and the giant hardware bags had a longer handle drop that I could fit over a coat.
  12. I love Latte, it is a GORGEOUS shade! CONGRATS!
  13. Beautiful bag! Congrats!
  14. Creamy and delicious. Love it.
  15. Looks great on ya.