REVEAL!! My new TB sale purchase!

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  1. Just wanted to share what I bought during the recent sale. The new Bombe T tote! I really love it! The leather is super soft and it's so roomy. Love the middle zip compartment and all the pockets. I'm totally not a black bag girl, but this one just sang to me. Now I think I need it in ivory.... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462040207.501237.jpg
  2. I love it! The leather on the new line of Bombe totes is just incredibly. It's going to just get better with use. Enjoy!
  3. It's gorgeous!!!!!!
  4. Super nice!!
  5. Love this!
  6. This was the bag I wanted from the sale but resisted because I have so many black bags and just bought the woven leather Robinson at the outlets in late February.

    I love it and am green with envy :smile:
  7. I saw it on the web last night and love it, it looks chic and practical.
  8. beautiful bag, this bag is in my wishlist :biggrin:
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    Love this!!!! Would love to see more pics- the bag looks so much nicer in your photo than on the website. Does the outside pocket have a magnetic closure? Does the bag fit easily over your shoulder? Thanks!!
  10. I too would like to see some more photos of this bag IRL, modeling photos please so I can see the size of it on the body. I'm not a girl who likes a big bag so size is important to me. Thank you.
  11. It's beautiful! Looks like it could fit a lot of stuff.

    More pictures please:smile:
  12. This is gorgeous!
  13. Love this !!!!!!! Congrats such a beauty
  14. Gorgeous!!!!
  15. That's stunning!! Enjoy (: