REVEAL: my new Royal Blue Trio!!!

  1. You look great with it not to mention royal blue is turning to be my favorite color this season!
  2. very versatile bag, congrats~!!
  3. Gorgeous! Love the color. Congrats!
  4. Adorable :smile: Congrats!
  5. Wow! It is a gorgeous bag, and very versatile.
    Enjoy your new baby!
  6. love it! congrats
  7. Thanks ladies!!!
    Been wearing it nonstop! :smile:

    Love it sooo much!

  8. Thanks!!.. But Wow! A pink trio must be super cute!!
    Thanks!! Royal blue is sooo gorgeous! Perfect blue for me!

  9. Wore the trio to the gym today! :smile:

  10. lovely bag, congrats! may i know your height?
  11. Omg! Tres chic!!! :biggrin:
  12. ooh, that shade of blue is definitely competing with the blue from givenchy for my complete and utter devotion!

    You look fabulous with your bag!
  13. Fabulous! Is this the large trio?
  14. Happy, i'm 4'11 tall :p
    the strap is adjustable too!

  15. Harper, this is actually the Regular Trio..i would have loved to the large.. but i can't find them anywhere!