Reveal! My new Piazza Bag!

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  1. My first Bottega!! Love it so much!!

  2. Congrats. I like The Piazza, it’s such a pretty ladylike bag.
    I’m so glad you were able to score one of Tomas Maier's Piazza Bags. It’s so luxe looking and the details are so pretty - and so Bottega! Daniel Lee’s redesign is... :blah:
    This is the Small?
  3. I know right... i saw the redesign, it was... :-s And to think that in order to make space for that, they were having a sale on these so i had to snap it up! Plus i love the weaved strap!
    Yup, this is the small.
  4. great colour! :tup:
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  5. Beautiful! Congrats! This won’t be your last BV, I’m afraid... it’s a very very slippery slope!
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  6. So beautiful! I love the Piazza. Congrats on getting it on sale!
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  7. This is lovely. Congratulations. Love the color and weave on the strap.
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  8. Beautiful bag! Color is TDF!
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  9. Congrats! Love the Piazza. Such a classic design and that is an amazing colour. [emoji173]
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  10. That is really lovely! Now I have to put ANOTHER bag on my wish list.
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  11. Beautiful bag.....and your photo is perfection!
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  12. A tasty little gem. What a great red! Congrats!
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  13. Sooooooo pretty!
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  14. Very pretty. Congrats
  15. Lovely red!!! And indeed the strap makes it even more interesting!
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