Reveal... My new jewel arrived today!:)

  1. I'm so in love with this color! and so happy i made this purchase!:smile: i was guilty at first, but not anymore! :P

    My Lagon City

    image-3448080943.jpg image-931745712.jpg image-1662139604.jpg
  2. Wow, another one! this is the most popular color this season. great leather! enjoy!!
  3. Great style in a gorgeous color, enjoy!
  4. So Lovely!!
  5. Wow!!! Congratulations and it look striking. Now you make me start to want yet another bal bag... :greengrin:
  6. love the lagon, don't feel guilt, i love bright colors, will bring her hone soon. enjoy
    let me know how the leather is?
  7. leather is not what i expected! im glad i scored on this one. leather is gorgeous! it's thick and evenly distressed. soft and chewy! :smile: love the texture!
  8. thank u ladies!:smile:
  9. Absolutely gorgeous love with with RH
  10. Great colour!!!
  11. what a gem! Lagoon really is a beautiful color! Enjoy your new bbag
  12. Gorgeous! Love the color. Congrats!
  13. really stunning! pretty lagon.
  14. congrats, beautiful color, enjoy
  15. Another one :lol:? You are on a roll girl!! Congrats!