Reveal! My new guccissima wallet!

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  1. I had a black guccissima wallet a while back.. and I love it so much, however I have to retired it early, since it started to show the wear and tear.. the edges is peeling.. since I still want to keep it in good shape.. so I have been searching for another guccissima wallet for a while now.....
    (eventhough meanwhile I got a gold princy wallet GG canvas one)

    There was one in outelt.. (princy guccissima wallet). but then I waited too long and worry that it is too similar style of my gold princy wallet..(hope they will have additional sale, since around thanksgiving).. but I waited too long and missed it....

    Then I have been looking and waiting all the time.. and eventually found this!! It is actually at the same price as the one in outlet (after tax and shipping).. so I am all happy!!:yahoo:

    But I am still looking for a deep purple guccissima wallet.. to match my pelham... so if anyone of you see one, please kindly PM me!!

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  2. Ooooh - it's beautiful! Love the color - so rich and yummy.
  3. that's a gorgeous wallet!! not sure if it's the lighting but it looks metallic? it's really pretty! love it! :love:
  4. Very nice, lovely Guccissima! :tup:
  5. Congrats, Aeonat. What a beauty! May I ask where did you get this from and how much did you pay for it? I simply adore it; might get one if the price is right. Thanks!
  6. Beautiful wallet, congrats!!!
  7. flipchickmc, krazy4bags, mhh29nyu. gglover33 thank you so much!

    Purse&deal I got it from bluefly (the very first time I bought anything from them).. it is about the same price as getting it from gucci outlet (princy guccissima wallet that I missed was 299 + tax + shipping) about 32x out of the door
  8. very nice..beautiful color too :drool:
  9. Congrats! It's a gorgeous colour.
  10. gorgeous!
  11. Very nice! Love it!
  12. Congrat, very nice!
  13. stunning wallet! i love it!
  14. howardu09, pursecrzy, bkp0, proshopper, jenita143 and Naynay
    thank you you all for the kind words!!
  15. Gorgeous wallet, loving the leather, congrats!