Reveal: My new Gucci Marmont Top Handle Tote

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  1. I recently received a promotion, and decided to celebrate with a new purse. To my own surprise, I did not have a certain model or brand in mind and decided to drive up to Costa Mesa and visit the South Coast Plaza. With that many luxury stores in one place, I prepared my husband for a long day of shopping. :smile:

    It didn't take me too long to make a decision. I fell in love with a Gucci - a Marmont Top Handle Tote in structured leather. The style is an homage to the purses they made in the 70ies, with the classic interlocking double G logo at the front, the stitching and the rounded shape of the flap. The color is a beautiful dusty pink, officially called rosy phard, that seemed to be pretty unique right now.

    Here are some pics of my latest purchase. I am so in love! :heart:

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  2. Beautiful, wear it in good health! And congratulations on you promotion!!
  3. BEAUTIFUL. I'm in love with this bag. And the color you chose is so pretty that I would have a hard time choosing another
  4. New GG logo looks stunning and sometimes more elegant tbh especially with this color!
  5. Your new bag is so beautiful!!! It is not one I had ever considered, but now it is on my radar. I am wondering how it looks with the shoulder strap? If you can, would you post some modeling pics?
    How neat you made a decision so quickly. True love!
  6. Thank you all. :smile:
  7. Thank you! Sure... Not the best pics, but I think you can get the idea...I wore it over the shoulder both times. Crossbody could work, too, if I made the strap a little longer. I am 5'4".

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  8. Such a beautiful bag!
  9. congratulations on your promotion and enjoy your bag.

    I'm thinking of getting the same in black.
  10. Yes, I agree. The logo looks better in RL
  11. WOW.....looks stunning! 😍 Congratulation!
  12. Congratulations on your promotion and new bag! Gorgeous!!
  13. Very cool :woohoo: congratulations
  14. OMG, this bag is absolutely stunning. Gucci seriously has the best leather bags. Congrats!!!
  15. I love this..and it's quite a bit bigger than I thought.