*Reveal* My new clutch/wallet

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  1. I used my $100 off $300 purchase coupon for this beauty. My FP store ordered it from JAX since it was not to found anywhere in southern California. It was lost in UPS land last week but my SA went the extra mile to order another one and it arrived yesterday. I still cannot get over how pretty she is and how perfect for what I needed. Can't wait for date night with DH!

    Legacy pinnacle clutch wallet. Style 47994


    The back


    Posing with duffle

  2. Lovely!
  3. congrats!! :woohoo::yahoo:I got the exact same one during the last PCE and I absolutely love it, too....and looks like it is no longer available/ sold out now!!
  4. So pretty! :yahoo:
  5. I liked the piece by itself but when I saw it with your duffle - WOW. Gorgeous .
  6. Love that. Looks great with the duffle!
  7. Thanks everyone. I just love it. Not too wallety and too clutchy. Just right.
  8. Oh what a pretty wallet. Congrats.
  9. Pretty wallet! Congrats!
  10. Very pretty! Congrats!
  11. Very Beautiful! Congrats!
  12. Your new clutch goes great with your Duffle, Congrats on both:smile:
  13. I'm currently obsessed with this wallet/clutch! Now that you've had it for a bit, how are you liking it? Do you have any pics of it full? How much does it hold & how many cc's slots? I've been :drool: over this for a week now!!!

  14. Now, that you've had it awhile, do you like it? Capacity? Do you have any pics of this filled? It's my latest obsession!!!
  15. Sorry no pictures of it full because I only use it for evenings out. I'm still loving it though.

    The front compartment has 6 credit cart slots. Three on each side facing each other. The zippered compartment for change is roomy. There is a smallish compartment right behind it. My favorite features are the the 2 what I call cash compartments. I like them because no one can see how much cash I have when I open the wallet. The openings are on the top half of the wallet. Hope that makes sense.

    Normally I only load her up with my ID, some cash (hidden), my debit card, Auto Club card, and medical insurance cards (because I worry way too much about stuff). Oh and my house key and phone.

    Hope that helps.