REVEAL! My (maybe boring) holy grail bag

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  1. Soooo as some of you may have guessed I like bright colours. I also like 'non precious' bags that don't need to be handled like a child (not naming names, deer brown SDR). My plum OS alexa is my everyday throw around bag because of the soft squishy leather.

    A couple of years ago there was a colour that I fell in love with. And when I saw this one pre loved I thought I deserved a treat... anyone around?
  2. Ink???

  3. That's next on the list! Or maybe just after the new long handle deer brown del rey.
  4. Ok clues...which season are we talking about? Black Forest?
  5. Petrol?
  6. Here 😁
  7. Here she is! :smile: Watermelon regular alexa! Admittedly she needs a bit of a trip to the bag spa after her long journey from the UK but I am over the moon!

  8. Watermelon is such a bright, cheerful colour.......congratulations on the new addition to your Mulberry family!

  9. Lovely ...many congrats and enjoy!!,
  10. So cute! Enjoy!
  11. Not in the least boring - I love 'Lexi & watermelon is a fantastic "one bag suits all occasions" colour - pretty, but, not needing babied like some of the paler colours - congrats on getting your HG & enjoy her xx
  12. Woohooooo thank you all! I really want to use her tomorrow but I think she shall visit the spa first.
  13. Fab Lexie, I have a watermelon Alexa too, it is cheerful and so pretty. Enjoy!
  14. Very fun! :biggrin:
  15. Very eye catching. What a lovely colour x