holy grails caviar reissue plus a little bonus

Nov 25, 2009
Hi there.I ve been searching for my next Chanel bags for a while.I only hv had one blk PST wt ghw n a Bronze Paris-Biarritz tote.I think it is time to add a flap in my little chanel collection.:smile:

..first of all I like the reissue more than the classic flap one bc the classic flap is too boxy for me n it is out there everywhere in my area.Everyone seems to hv one from my dental assistance to almost all of my colleges..Fakes or no so no simple black classic flap for me now ,but I keep looking for a nice pop color one instead..:P

The reissue is nice,I love the style but I really don't like the old aged calf skin at all personally.Maybe im too weird but actually I prefer something in caviar more than both aged calf or lamb..:biggrin:

About the hardware I like gold more..eventho I daily wear my PP24 which is silvery n also my anniversary ring which is platinum too..Not a problem at all.:P

So I hv been trying to buy a flap a couple yrs ago which the price was still ok not insane like this..but nothing had caught my eyes till now.Ohh gosh I wish I could at least buy any classic flap at that time..

Then comes to this season ,thank god Chanel has launched the answer for completed me totally!!:graucho:

Ladies,May I present my latest black caviar reissue wt uncommonly elegant n timeless classic :biggrin:


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