REVEAL: My Holy Grail on V-day!!!

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  1. Ok before I proceed I just have to tell you ladies that I've been looking for this bag E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. I spotted it first in Virginia's Neiman Marcus but at the time I wasn't ready for it because I wanted to take care of the pre-increase purchases first (I bought the black jumbo caviar shw and the black caviar gst shw). But then I couldn't stop thinking about this bag, I mean literally 24/7...I was obsessed! I had put down my name with my SA at the Chanel boutique in VA but weeks went by and she never called me back. Well, yesterday I visited her at the store and turned out that she made a mistake.....they didn't even order this bag in this shade! They ordered it in 'red' and didn't think that there were different shades of red!
    So she checked in the system and this bag is SOLD OUT nationwide :wacko::cry: How is it even just came out this year! I was so devastated. I tried calling NM, Saks, Bloomies, Hirschleifers, etc in different states, NOTHING. They either didn't order it in this color or this size or they just plain sold out. I was so devastated, even DH noticed it and felt really bad for me. Honestly, I've never felt this sad......for a bag!

    Sorry this is getting long......but today DH took me out for V-day lunch (I was still making phone calls to different stores during lunch, poor DH) and since we parked in the Chevy Chase Galeria's parking lot, I thought it why not stop by NM and get a necklace or something to cheer me up.
    Lo and behold..........I spotted HG BAG!!!

    So without further ado, here's my revealing of my newest Chanel baby:
  2. #2 Feb 14, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2010
    I'm here I'm here :woohoo: take it off! Take it off! Your turn to strip HOYALV! ;)

    Lemme guess....something in that "light red" kinda peachy!????:thinking:
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Israeli_Flava......what's that in your avatar picture? DID YOU GET A NEW STRASS???? OMG did u do a reveal, I gotta check it out........its so beautiful!!!!
  5. I guess everybody's out celebrating V-day....but that's ok, I'll do my reveal anyway :heart:

  6. GORGEOUS!!! :nuts: And TOTALLY droolworthy! :drool:

    Congrats on finding it... on Valentine's Day no less!!!
  7. [​IMG]



    Then my camera ran out of I have to get new ones, then I'll try to take more pictures.

    Right now I'm :heart::love::cloud9:
  8. OH WOW! That's awesome girl!!!! I love that one too!!!!!!!! I know why you were's a stunner! :nuts:

    P.S. Did a reveal a few hours ago sweety.... check it out... MAMA GOT A BRAND NEW RED PATENT BAG TOO :lol:
  9. :heart: It's BEAUTIFUL! :heart:

    Congratulations on finding your holy grail. It's definitely a perfect valentine!
  10. Whoo hoo! Love the red reveals of Valentine's Day. Your chevron is beautiful--congratulations!!
  11. Congrats on finding your HG bag. She is truly a sight to behold :smile:
  12. So pretty!!!
  13. So wonderful. A truely great vd reveal. Love that red!
  14. Congrats on the bag. Is that a jumbo? I got the m/l for valentines day too!
  15. Wow your chevron is sooooooo beautiful! Congratz to a perfect Vday!