HG Chanel

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  1. Today I picked up this very special bag from my wonderful Nordstrom SA Heidi....presenting my prefall small black (225) chevron Reissue with aged calfskin and brushed ghw. It is so incredibly light. Here are some pic's at home and one in the boutique. I love it so much...but I have to stop touching/playing with it now and go make dinner. :heart:

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  2. Gorgeous! Congrats on your HG bag!
  3. Beautiful! Congratulations.
  4. Super perfect for the laid back vibe of San D. Now I know where I need to shop for Chanel ( Nordstrom) next time I stop by. Congrats! it looks awesome and it's such an easy bag to reach for all the time!
  5. Beautiful. I notice that your bag bows on the bottom. This style is folded from the manufacturing. But you can use a bag insert with stiff bottom to keep the boxy looks. Just my humble suggestion.
  6. Beautiful!!!!! A perfect classic.
  7. Congratulation!! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful chevron reissue 225!! :heart:
    I was wondering how new chevron look like in 225 size, and it look awesome bag and great on you!!

    I love my 225 size is the best in reissues - love cross body style as well :smile:
  8. So pretty! :smile: super congrats!! enjoy!!
  9. Thank you. :heart:
  10. Thanks. :heart:
  11. Thank you so much Vanana. Heidi is lovely and I am loyal, but truly all of the SA's are very sweet here, so you should definitely stop in when you are down this way. :heart:
  12. Thank you and great advice... I appreciate it. Heidi, my lovely SA told me they put weights in them to display. :heart:
  13. Thank you. :heart:
  14. Thank you so much. :heart:
  15. Thank you. :heart: