Reveal: My fluo pink luggage and birkin. My blue luggage and birkin = bag sets!

  1. omggggg amazing collection!!! Love all the bags:love:
  2. Haha thats when you know you have a problem when you can ID everything :peace:
  3. Stunning!! :smile: where did you get the pink one? have been looking for it but sold out everywhere :sad: do you have any idea if celine does any custom orders??
  4. Absolutely stunning....Congrats!!!!
  5. I bought it few months ago in shop and not yet start using it. The SA everywhere have told me the production has stopped as my friend is desperately hoping for one.:roflmfao:

    For luggage, it seems it doesnt have customer orders. Maybe indeed there is, Other TPFers please advise.

  6. I like your answer. I also reflected myself when i found i can identiy any birkin or kellys within a street length then i know there is a problem!:cool:

  7. Ive been looking desperately for that color myself.. i just asked my SA about custom orders and told me that its possible to customize the classic boxes.. not sure about the luggages though :sad:..Guess I'll just have to settle with a pink box.. You're verryy lucky to get one!! :biggrin:
  8. I love your entire collection.. very beautiful pieces...
  9. beautiful colours!
  10. I was told they can't do custom orders on Mini's, bummer:sad:
    If you do a custom order, do you pay more for the bag? That's the way it is with LV, you pay 30% more.
  11. Beautiful! What size is your Birkin 30, 35? It's smaller than the Mini.
  12. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Im not quite sure abt the price.. haven't asked further.. but i think we always have to pay more for custom orders.. Fendi charge more for custom orders as well.. for peekaboos and stuff..
  14. Actually for Celine, iwas told you don't have to pay extra for custom made a box
  15. The pink is 30cm, blue is 35cm:smile: