Reveal...My first Sophia

  1. Lovin' this bag and how versatile it is...dressy when used as a handbag and functional when used a shoulder bag..
  2. Gorgeous choice!!!! You will enjoy this one for a long time to come!

    E x
  3. Wow! The more I see the Sofia, the more I love it!
    What colour is it and where did you buy it from?
  4. thanks! i know i will...
  5. hi there... i am from the Philippines...I got the medium black sophia at the duty free shop...
  6. Thanks Olivia!
    Enjoy your lovely Sofia!:smile:
  7. it's lovely!
  8. Bag twins! Loving my Sofia. Congrats and enjoy!!
  9. Thanks!
  10. we're both happy sofia owners!
  11. took my sofia to work today...dressed it up a little bit😍
  12. Very pretty!
  13. Beautiful Sophia! Congrats.
  14. Thanks pleaty!
  15. Thanks ujili!