Reveal - my first piece of BV jewellery

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  1. Like many of you here, I am not keen about the new designs and haven’t bought any bags from the new collections.

    So when I saw some jewellery on sale, I decided to buy something different and here is my first piece of BV jewellery

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  2. I wish I could hit the like button over and over. That’s a piece I would it!
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  3. great necklace! :tup:
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  4. Congrats on your first Piece. Looks Great !
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  5. I am not usually a fan of fashion house jewelry but that necklace is lovely!
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  6. Beautiful!
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  7. I liked the Dichotomy collection. One of Tomas' last :sad:
    Enjoy, its lovely :smile:
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  8. Excellent choice. I liked this collection, too! Enjoy, enjoy!
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  9. Congratulations and enjoy! You were so wise to scoop up this great necklace. As V0N said, it’s from one of TM’s last jewelry collections. DL has such a different approach to BV jewelry. His jewelry designs don’t work for me.

    I scooped up some pieces from TM’s Deco Inlay collection. I’ve been remiss in posting the reveal. Hopefully I’ll get to it this week.
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  10. Thanks everyone.

    I really like it and very glad to find out I’ve got a TM designed piece. Originally i had been looking to buy a different one but in the same line (it has just one big gold/silver ball and has a longer drop). Couldn’t decide and in the end, DH had enough of my dilly dallying, decided and bought it for me. Very happy indeed! :smile:

    FYI, the price was very good....some 70% off. I found it on a website that sells watches ....