Reveal - my first pair of Choo's!

  1. Hi! This is my very first time posting in the Jimmy Choo forum. I'm usually a Louboutin girl and recently found out how amazingly beautiful, not to mention comfortable, Jimmy Choo shoes are! Just wanted to share photos of my first (and now definitely not my last) pair of Jimmy Choo's.
    image-2587133369.jpg image-604319325.jpg image-1081323971.jpg image-3836163749.jpg
  2. Gorgeous...I am sure there will be lots more. I am a Choo addict so I know :P
  3. Gorgeous!
  4. Gorgeous! Congrats!!
  5. Thank you! I am already eyeing my next pair!

    Thanks so much!

    Thank you!!!
  6. Wow beautiful ... and yes Choo is fantastic :loveeyes:
  7. woow, very very nice!
  8. Very sexy shoes!
  9. Thank you, Chakern, Picard and PoshVintageCH.
  10. Stina, Congrats on the Jimmy Choos! :nuts:

    We need mod pics ASAP! ;)
  11. Gorgeous, congratulations.
  12. Beautiful:smile: congrats
  13. Thank you so much! :biggrin:
  14. Congratulations to your first beautiful pair. It´s addicting so I´m sure it´s not your last.