Reveal: My First MBMJ!

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  1. I ordered this online on Sunday evening and is very surprised how it arrived today already!!

    So here it goes =)

  2. Any guesses as to what this may be???

    Here's another hint!

  3. Ok I'm going out now, so going to make this quick!!


  4. congrats! that tote is so cute!

    welcome to mj! :heart: hide your wallet! ;)
  5. Wow. That's super cute!

  6. such an adorable lil tote!!
  7. oh wow that is fab!
  8. Adorable! Congrats on your first MBMJ!
  9. Great bag! I love it, hope you enjoy using it. I'm sure you will.
  10. Thats an adorable tote! Congrats!
  11. That's so cute! Love the pattern!

    What's the size like? Mod pics?
  12. Love that tote!!! What fabric is it made out of? Laminated?
  13. The print on the tote is adorable. Congrats on your first MJ! It won't be your last.
  14. Congrats!!
  15. Thanks everybody! it's actually a very good size, CourtneyMc22!! I'll post modelling pix of it when I get home later today!

    It's PVC material, enga4, good for messy people like me!! =p