REVEAL.............My First Marcie!!!

  1. Juda-

    Thank you for the compliment - I always love your taste! Yes, I have a feeling that this will not be my last Marcie.....*sigh*.....:shame:
  2. OMG, I LOVE this bag - you look fabulous!
    The shoes and Marcie are a perfect pair.
    Congratulations MFC - just beautiful!
  3. Came back to drool...You look fabulous! This size is perfect on you. Love your outfit and paddington wedges! I just LOVE your wood Marcie so much!

  4. Oh what a beauty - congrats on your new Marcie!
    It´s wonderful!
  5. I really love the contrasting colour of the handles. What a nice twist! She looks gorgeous on you, and I love the wedges with your outfit! I think Marcie is going to be on my wish list now. ;)
  6. pursesuader, kdo, shivadiva, and IMJ-

    Thank you for the nice words - I really do love this bag, as it is so easy to wear, is comfortable over the shoulder, not heavy at all, and fits many things in it. I am hooked on Marcie now....and my dream now is to get a Marcie small tote in Beige python (especially after seeing Lillemy's Beige python Marcie :drool:). Not sure if it will happen, but I can dream!

    I am really happy Chloe came out with Marcie! I think everyone needs at least one of the styles of Marcie! :graucho:
  7. I looove your Marcie!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Perfect color, too!! Congratulations!!
  8. Thank you, kbnkch!! :flowers::flowers: I am very happy with her!
  9. Hey kdo, and anyone else interested in the Marcie tote and its functionality - I have taken some more photos of something that I find very handy with Marcie and just wanted to share. It's the exterior pocket located underneath the flap. It holds cell phone, keys, ID, and/or anything else that requires quick access. It looks smaller than it really is in the photos, as I can fit cell phone and a few things in there. It's quite convenient!! :p




    Another detail of the zipper pull....


    Marcie relaxing in the sun.... :sunshine:

  10. Thanks, madforchloe! As you can see, I'm back. I love the simple yet thoughful design of the marcie. the pull tabs are very user friendly. I'm neurotic and am constantly looking at bags. I must keep my eyes on the prize. I definitely want to add a Marcie to my just need to see some bags! Thanks for the gorgeous pictures!
  11. Congrats! It's stunning and the color is TDF.
  12. She's gorgeous!!
  13. wow! Your Marcie in wood is such a beautiful color. I'm loving all the pockets and detail shots :smile:
  14. Great, great, great..............:yahoo::nuts::yahoo:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Thank you so much louvre1256, HeartMyMjs, Slegna, Raquel !!! :flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers:

    I am enjoying Marcie and using her a lot. She is a very "easy" non-fussy bag, lightweight, and I love looking at the color!! :heart::heart: