Reveal - my first ever (and definitely not last) bbag =)

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  1. After following many many threads / discussions on TPF, cracking my brains over the right S/S'10 colour that fits my criteria, ding dong-ing over many emails with DH (who thankfully was very patient), I finally got her :yahoo:

    So without further adieu, here we go:
  2. What did you get - what did you get
  3. Ooooh it came in a very flat box

  4. Slowly but steadily coming out of the protective shell
  5. Yes, let's see it :biggrin:

    A First maybe or an Envelope Clutch?
  6. Livia1: LOL! You are making my first reveal really fun! :smile: coming soon!!
  7. H'okay stripped of all the frills. This is it. You and me baby.

    PS: I was amazed that something so "big" can come in a flat box!! :smile:
  8. What can I say, I love reveals :smile:
    Especially when there's true excitement about getting a gorgeous bag.
  9. Oops what's this showing! She's dyyyyying to get out!
  10. I was just going to say; that's not a First or an Env. Clutch ... :thinking:

    Oh, is it Sang?
  11. Almost there! Hang in there! We are getting you out into the open and give you the TLC you deserve after sitting in international cargo hold for a good 3-4 days, just so you can come to mommy!
  12. Presenting... Sang GSH City


    I AM IN LOVE :love:
  13. Oh wow, that is one gorgeous bag.

    You must be thrilled. Many congrats on this baby and enjoy it. Mod pics perhaps :flowers:
  14. oooh so pretty! Congratulations! Red bals are alwaaaays a good choice

    i love how you put the sang on the bench for this photo-op :biggrin:
    nice framing too. sang looks like she's just lounging against the pillow like the sexy vixen she is.

    red on black and white always sexy.
  15. All I can say is that ... Sang is an amazing colour which changes under all sorts of lighting (Or you can put it down to me going bananas and my eyesight deteriorating with age). When I first saw it in the early S/S photos, I was a tad disappointed because of the orange undertones. And then I saw it in real life (in another shape) without a single tinge of orange undertone so I decided to go ahead with the preorder with Erica. When it finally arrived, it looked raspberry pink to me with red undertones (Told ya I am going crazy!!!!)

    Here's another one of it, taken under the 5pm evening light, to give a flavour of the red colour