Reveal My First Dior

  1. Thanks averagejoe :smile:
    I'm very happy with my choice of the new lock pouch. It really fits quite a lot for its size. Think jts more of a clutch. Shall try to take a pix of what it can fit tmr.
  2. dear angeluv, may I know how much is your lovely babe? Thinking of getting one for myself
  3. I got it for SGD1800 :smile:
  4. Brought my new lock pouch out again today for shopping. Here's what I fit inside.


    Credit cards fits 6
    Cash (slot behind the cards slots)
    Wet tissue
    Oil blotters
    Lip gloss
    Contact lens drop
    Cell phone (Samsung S3 belongs to DH which is slimmer than iPhone but wider)
    there's still room for my iPhone to go in and probably fits one more compact powder. Very roomy indeed.

    I used to only fit my iPhone, blotter, lipgloss and lens drop in my Chanel WOC and I'll be struggling to button down (very unglam, hates the button design anyway) Glad I got this instead ;)
  5. Wow it can surely fit a lot for a small bag! I'm impressed :biggrin:
  6. I looked at this one as well but ended up getting lady Dior as my first Dior bag, but surely it is not the last!
  7. Haha I've come back to admire the pochette and saw that you've added more pics. Looks good on you!
    As for the wallet, I'd recommend the Lady Dior Rendez-vous chain wallet. It's really the size of a long wallet with the option of attaching the charms and chain for different looks. Very versatile! Another one to consider would be from the Tutti Dior range. The wallets come in gorgeous candy colors. And have you seen ruktam's hot pink coin purse/ card wallet? That's gorgeous too! Have fun shopping! :biggrin:
  8. I think this calls for a reveal :biggrin::graucho:
  9. Glad you're enjoying your pouchette, OP! I have it in the purple patent leather and ADORE IT!!! Keep the pics coming!!! :smile: Love that shade of red!
  10. Thanks for the wallet suggestions. I know! Saw the pink wallet coin purse reveal and I felt like running to Dior again to check it out lolz! Have to get myself in control.. But yeah I'm considering to get a small wallet or coin purse to fit in all my small bags. Was deciding between the LV zippy and Chanel small wallet and now the Dior is tempting me too. Oh dear.. :p
  11. Thats a great bag! Especially for all age groups . And can easily go from day to night . Great pick :woohoo:
  12. I am loving this.. And totally new to Dior can u tell me how much this costs as opposed to the Chanel WOC? Also can I look at Dior bags and buy them online at a high-end department store or does it have to be a boutique... Thanks so much I really loveeeee ur bag I just love this whole design !!! ; )
  13. I bought my Dior for SGD1800 and Chanel woc is priced around SGD2400 at my local boutique. No online purchase dept stores available in my country. You may like to check in yours :smile: It should be cheaper as we are over priced here!
  14. Dior has online shops available to certain countries. You can see whether your country is eligible with certain collections on the Dior website if it shows the button 'Purchase online' under the 'Discover In Store' button. The Dior online shop is available in the UK, France and a few other countries in the EU. In the UK, the New Lock pochette costs £840 (a recent increase from £760 which came into effect about 2 weeks ago)