Reveal My First Dior

  1. Hi ladies! Sorry for the long wait! Had been really bz with my lil one since I brought my Dior home.
    So I finally have time to open my lovely package to do a reveal.
    I was deciding between the New Lock pochette and Panarea..
    Here's the package ;)
  2. More more more!!! :yahoo:
  3. Let's open up the packaging shall we ;)

    I'm getting excited myself! Lolz

    The box looks obvious already....
    Any guesses? :biggrin:
    image-3856011048.jpg image-1895938694.jpg image-667349800.jpg
  4. A Panarea!!!!!! Ooh, ooh, ooh! Hurry, don't tease!!! :smile:
  5. Introducing my New Lock Pochette in Rouge Patent :smile:

    Love love the deep red colour! 2nd pic is true colour.
    image-716930506.jpg image-1588871928.jpg image-457031470.jpg image-1977561479.jpg image-1434263033.jpg image-3940178598.jpg image-1927668022.jpg
  6. Adore the Panarea too especially in the perfect red and its functionality, durability, size etc. Wish I can get both but have to resist myself as gotten too many bags this year lolz

    Here's pics again taken in the boutique comparing and trying on the New Lock in Red and Purple. Couldn't sneak the pic trying on the Panarea.

    The purple New Lock is gorgeous as well with the GHW. Wish the red comes in GHW too then it be the prefect pouch! There was also a lambskin hot pink (rose) colour which is really sweet but I couldn't sneak a pix of it lolz
    image-8538949.jpg image-3971241422.jpg image-717127125.jpg image-1420283313.jpg image-1115075184.jpg
  7. I think you made a fantastic choice! I LOOOOVE the deep red of the pouchette!!! :smile: Congratulations! The red looks great on you!!!

    Even though the Panarea is spacious, I think you'll agree that the pouchette is fantastic because it has those extremely convenient wallet slides/pockets.

    Enjoy your first Dior!!! :smile:
  8. Congrats on your New Lock pochette! I really like it and have been trying to pay off my cc so that I can get the dream one I've finally decided on - Bois de Rose python and I can't wait! I'm only hoping that I can save enough in time to buy it before it sells out!

    The pink colour New Lock pochette is actually called 'Raspberry Pink', I was looking at that first, but thought the Bois de Rose colour is more my style than the raspberry colour
  9. Congrats, glad you went with this selection. This is a classic leather good that won't date. :smile:
  10. Thanks CoachCruiser!
    This is my HG RED and is the same red on the Panarea. Chose the New Lock pouch cos that has been what I wanted from the start - a rich red patent purse and this is Perfect! It's actually quite roomy enough to fit the basic stuffs.

    I'm already planning to get the red Panarea as my 2nd Dior. Or maybe in purple. Oh dear! Lolz
  11. Ooh.. That's a lovely soft pink python. The price tag must be as lovely too ;)
    Love that Dior creates very yummy colours and different skins for New Lock. Now I'm thinking about the hot pink lambskin one lolz!
  12. Versatile styles of the New Lock Pouch :smile:

    You can carry it as long sling as modelled above and also

    Single strap shoulder

    Double strap shoulder or on your arms

    Cross body

    As an evening clutch without straps

    Will try to do some nice modelling pics when I'm dressed up for dinner date with DH on sat.
    image-4075309893.jpg image-1109271619.jpg
  13. Beautiful!

    Enjoy your new bag and your dreams of your Panaera :smile:
  14. :yes: The versatility of this style is what makes it so practical and desirable.
  15. Congrats! :biggrin: That really is the perfect red - and it looks great on you! So does the purple btw, and the Panarea ... Well, as you have probably already figured there is *always* cause for another Dior bag ;)