Reveal! My first Damier Azur

  1. I haven’t done a reveal in ages because I love classics and not very into new designs. It was my birthday yesterday and I’ve purchased my first bag in Damier Azur! I always wanted to get something in Rose Ballerine colour and I’m in LVOE I had my samorga organizer in Indian Rose colour already, it’s a perfect match!

    I’m not so afraid of vachetta but scared of colour transfer! Please let me know your tips on using Azur bags and what kind of clothes do you wear.
    7268EF36-22CC-49B7-BA19-E74B436D7AE0.jpeg 9D2E5107-D9D2-4FF9-9170-FEFA310E8B10.jpeg 1ED60BB9-B623-4E88-B4DC-CC42BB5EC5EE.jpeg 88926ABD-FF8E-4EAD-B923-D93B81C107B1.jpeg
  2. Nice bag! Very fresh for Spring! I do watch what I wear with Damier Azur. I don’t wear very saturated blue jeans or dark shirts. Anything that can bleed or rub color on a surface I won’t be wearing with my DA bag.
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  3. Pretty and refreshing!
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  4. Congrats @Aryel !! Enjoy your summer bag!
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  5. Congratulations! I love the pink interior. I have an older one, and I've found that it goes with everything and doesn't reach my jeans - so no transfer so far. The patina is nice, not super dark yet.
    I love the scarf with it! I have my little Tahitienne mini accessories, and adore it!!
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  6. Thank you! May be I’ll test colored clothes by rubbing against white stuff first to see if it causes any color transfer. I want to enjoy my bag to the fullest!
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  7. Thank you CornishMon! Used to drool over your posts a lot!
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  8. Thanks Fab! So excited to have my first Azur, such a beautiful bag. While I’m afraid of the color transfer, I just couldn’t resist! I need to enjoy my bag and my life ☺️
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  9. Thank you Chloebagfreak! I love Tahitienne line, I wish I could buy more than just a scarf but I was too afraid of the screen print, lol. This bag will give me reasons to buy more light coloured tops
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  10. Well I hope you enjoy it!!
  11. Congrats! I love going for the classics too!!
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  12. Yes! Don’t worry about it an enjoy your life! When a bag shows marks and scratches, it’s a sign of all the wonderful moments you have had with it. :P:smile:
  13. Congrats! Love azur with rose ballerine. I just purchased the same design/colour combo in the graceful and I love it. I’m a huge jeans gal and I’ve worn it with my dark jeans. The bag doesn’t reach my jeans so all good there. Not sure if the neverfull falls lower. Enjoy your new beauty and wear it to pieces. That’s the whole point isn’t it?!!
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  14. I always love the things you post!! Life is short....enjoy it!!
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  15. Thanks, the Graceful is also another beautiful bag! I’ll get my Neverfull suntanned this weekend to have the patina champ method done and hopefully I can start using from Monday. I don’t think the bag reaches my jeans but I have a lot of dark tops and not sure what are safe to wear with the bag. I hope I don’t learn it by hard way!