~REVEAL~ My first chloe / marcie mini crossbody

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  1. What a beautiful bag in a lovely color! Congrats!
  2. What a beautiful color! I just found the same bag in anchor grey at marshalls near me in Ontario. It wasn't on clearance so i paid $599. The colour looks more brown though. I don't know if anchor grey is brownish or the tag was wrong and that's why it ended up at marshalls. Congratulations on finding your bag :smile:
  3. Congrats on your beautiful purchase!!!

    I'm a big Marcie fans (only 2 so far, tho ..) and I have been eyeing both the small crossbody and this one for my next Chloe purchase .... I've never seen this in real life so I have no clue what it'll fit ..... if you would be so kind as to take some pics with stuff in the bag, as to give indication of size, that would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO appreciated :smile:

  4. Thanks and congrats on your find too! The color sounds lovely!!

    Thank you!! I sure will! It's been rainy these last few days, so I haven't taken her out yet. I plan on using the bag this weekend and will take more pics! I'm curious too as to how much it will hold :smile:
  5. Here are the pics you wanted. It's a small bag but surprisingly fits a good amount of stuff! These are my essentials...nothing fancy ;)

    My only wallet is checkbook size, so wasn't able to fit that inside. I stuck my credit card and ID in the interior pocket. There's also a small pocket on the outside of the bag underneath the flap.


    I added the sunglasses on top just to fill up the purse to the max, but it's a tight fit. Still able to fully close the bag shut without it opening or looking bulky:

    Without the sunglasses (better fit):
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    Wow you're good! I've got a small Dior cosmetic case, small Gucci wallet that has both a coin part and fits 6 cards and my blackberry. I'm surprised I could fit what I could in mine and I'm blown away at how much you were able to fit :smile:. I really don't carry that much so this is turning out to be great for me. I hope you are enjoying her!!!
  7. Lol! Yeah, that's probably more than I would normal carry but wanted to see how much stuff would fit. At least I know I can carry more if I need to. I really do love this bag. Very happy with my purchase! The leather feels very durable too!
  8. Wow thats a lot of stuff in a little bag!!! I didn't think it could hold that much!! Thank you for the pics :smile:
  9. That blue colour is lovely! I just ordered a small Marcie (my first Chloé!) in Oxblood from Mytheresa, good to see that it can hold all the essentials ;).
  10. You're welcome! :smile:

    Congrats on your purchase! I think you will love it. It's just the right size of "small" in my opinion. The bigger the bag, the more I tend to stuff it with stuff I don't need, lol.
  11. Great find! And I love the colour. I love Marcies and this is lush! I hope you enjoy using this beauty :smile:
  12. Hurray, the lovely Marcie has arrived!


    And all the essential stuff she can hold: keys, card holder, coin purse, make up, mints and perfume:


  13. Gorgeous, anniestassie! Packs in a fair bit for a small bag :smile: Any mod shots, by any chance?
  14. Lol, just noticed Yoda protecting your bag and it's contents!!! Lol!
  15. So cute and the color is perfect for summer. Amazing find!!!