REVEAL!! my first celineS!! <--yes, TWO! :)

  1. thanks!! :biggrin:

    i'm in SF, i think Barneys and Saks have them? i always see them posted on the "finds" thread!

    i'll post modeling pics soon!

    thanks! i'm banned for a bit...

    thanks! yes good point :graucho:

    thanks! :biggrin:

    thanks so much! :flowers:

    thanks! i'm happy with grey, i feel like i haven't really seen it around at all!
  2. wow, the grey is a beautiful colour. congrats!!
  3. Congrats on both your two new bags. :smile:
  4. thanks!! :biggrin:
  5. Hi OP

    Is there a web site for this place?

    Thanks for sharing. They are both lovely.
  6. trio! cute bag!
  7. Love both bags!!! Congrats on your new babies!
  8. What a perfect pair!!!
    Super gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy them! :smile:
  9. Gorgeous goodies! Congrats & enjoy!
  10. Whoaaa ... Love 'em both! I'm still waiting for my first Celine - hoping for a shoulder luggage (wish)
  11. congrats Cute choices
  12. PM'd you! Thanks!!

  13. thanks so much :biggrin:
  14. thanks!! I hope you find your bag soon ;)

    thanks!! :amuse:
  15. congrats~~ and i love the grey one :smile: