REVEAL!! my first celineS!! <--yes, TWO! :)

  1. i have been obsessing over a mini luggage for a while now, had a really hard time deciding between classic black and the beautiful grey palmeleto. spoiler alert - went with grey and i'm SO happy, the grey/gold hardware is gorgeous :love: (still want black though...this is addicting...)

    THEN - after reading about TPFers getting such great deals at Departement Feminin, i emailed chrystalla to see what she had in stock - and on an impulse bought celine #2 - navy trio :biggrin:

    pics below!!
    celine1.JPG celine6.JPG celine2.JPG celine3.JPG
  2. a couple more. geeze didn't realize these were so dark!! :shrugs:
    celine4.JPG celine5.JPG
  3. Congrats! Good things come in pairs! Love the grey mini!
  4. Nice! Love the grey mini.
  5. The grey mini is so pretty! Very unique shade!
  6. Congrats. Great stuff.
  7. The grey is stunning! Congra!!
  8. Gorgeous congratulations
  9. great choices! Love the new grey!
  10. congratulation!!! 2 bags wow you're so lucky
  11. love love love the grey :love:
  12. I LOVE the grey mini, it's so beautiful :smile: Congratulations!!
    Did you buy them both from Departement Feminin?
  13. The grey is stuning!!! What a beauty. And the trio is a awesome bag too!
    Congrats & enjoy!!!
  14. Congrats !!! Lovely purchase.. Love the grey mini ! So nice
  15. Congrats! Great buys! :smile: