Reveal - my first BV - ;p

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    Hi guys,

    Ordered from Saks 5th Ave on the 29th Nov 2013, finally, the package is arrived today ..... it took so long~!
    BV2.jpg BV3.jpg
  2. Here is the bag ..... I hope she will last for yearsssss ...... :biggrin:
    BV4.jpg BV5.jpg BV6.jpg
  3. Lovely! I've been eyeing this color. Is it as light as the tag photo or darker like your second photo.
  4. It's beautiful, but is it purple? The invoice says shadow grey. Enjoy your Veneta. She will soon become supple and slouchy. The Veneta molds to your body like no other bag can do.
  5. Gosh--I didn't notice the invoice. I'm assuming Saks messed up because OP seems ok with the color.

  6. Congrats. It will not be your last one. Beautiful color. Is this Watteau?
  7. Exciting! I would have been pulling my hair out in anticipation. It was well worth the wait. The color is beautiful. Congratulations. Enjoy!
  8. Congrats! Lovely colour! My 1st was also a Veneta. Enjoy the bag!

  9. Thank you. The label named as Turbulence (purple).

    One thing is that I find large size isn't really large! I love BIG bag, I should get the maxi .... em! :p

  10. Yeap it's purple. Not sure why the invoice says shadow grey .... ??
  11. It's light purple colour. Apart of the size .... I am pretty happy with it~! :p
  12. Love the color! Any modeling pics?
  13. Beautiful bag. I love large veneta.

    The color looks like Corot to me...;)
  14. This is beautiful. Congratulations on your Veneta, my favorite BV style.
  15. Congrats on your first BV, it's beautiful! :smile: