Reveal - My First Birkin!!

Dec 30, 2008
I received a lot of advice from people here a few weeks ago when I was agonizing over whether to keep an ostrich pico. I ultimately decided to return it, after an offer to hunt for an ostrich b or k from my SA made me realize that I didn't love the pico enough to justify keeping it. We had been talking about something totally unrelated, and out of nowhere he said "would you be interested in an ostrich birkin or kelly? I can try to find you one." I was so excited! I'm relatively new to the world of Hermes, and had not had the chance to get a b or k yet -- I really didn't expect to be offered an ostrich as my first :smile:

I figured I would have to wait a while to get one, but within hours, he sent me a message about an ostrich k that was totally gorgeous, but the color did not work with my wardrobe. I was very sad about having to turn it down, but then the next day he offered me an ostrich b! I was elated and immediately went to take a look. I had originally been hesitant about the hardware color, but it wound up being perfect when I saw it in person, and I snapped her up :smile:

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 6.31.16 PM.png

Any guesses?


Apr 9, 2015
It's a beautiful birdie!!! So gorgeous and perfect. Great things really come to those who wait :smile: