Reveal my first balenciaga

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  1. Beautiful bag.enjoy it!
  2. Gorgeous color, a great first!
  3. I actually have the zip around wallet! It is lovely! I love that is has all the compartments :biggrin: I've switched to Chloe for the spring and summer, just because Chloe's aesthetic is more springy but I've been missing all the space in the Bal one recently.
  4. Beautiful bag! Congratulations!
  5. Awesome colour :love:
  6. Thank you all
    Im super in love with my bag☺️

    But im considering of getting my second Bal bag
    Either black or rose poudre
    What do you think?

    If only they still have the giant city 12 in vert jade. Love the color
  7. Wow. A lovely burgundy for your first Balenciaga! I like it very much! It's a far better choice than ordinary black.
  8. What a lovely colour! It looks amazing!
  9. congrats on your first Bal. you made a great choice with the color!
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    My very first! :P

    Such a bad photo, but I love it!

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  11. Congrats to both of you...they are both beautiful bags! Welcome to the Bal club :heart:
  12. Thanks! :heart: I seriously love how durable this bag is, especially when I throw it around no damage whatsoever! =)
  13. auw thanks Kendie :love:
    super in love
  14. hi there
    thats a gorgeous bag ! what is the color ?
  15. @mimicry26 it is called Beige Liege. It's no where near beige. Here's a better photo of it. The hardware is the classic hardware.