Reveal! My first Bal - Gris Tarmac City RH

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  1. #1 Oct 16, 2012
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    One happy girl here with her first Bbag! :giggles:

    So..besides the pics I just also wanted to share how I came up with my choice:

    1. Designer? - Balenciaga is one of the premier designers that I've always wanted to add to my collection. I was really intrigued with how ladies described its soft, buttery leather. Coming from a country where fake/imitation bags are for sale everywhere, I wanted something that is unique, one which imitators haven't thought of mass producing yet :graucho:

    2. Style? - I was choosing among Town, City and Velo. I wanted one that can carry my basic must-haves: long wallet, galaxy note, ipad, cosmetics.. City and Velo can do but not Town. Velo's strap is just right, City's strap is a bit awkward but I can live with it. So I still ended up choosing City because it is the classic Balenciaga style and since this is my first Bbag, I wanted it to be an iconic one :P

    3. Type of hardware? - GH is okay but I find it very loud on the bag. I know it's just me but I kinda like simple, classic style so I went for the RH.

    4. Price? - City RH and Velo RH are basically of the same price. Town RH is $100 cheaper. I know I can get a cheaper City from other sources like eBay or HGBags, but again since this is my first Bbag, I just want to be confident with the purchase and not to stress out thinking I might have spent my money on a fake bag. :faint: (not that I say they sell fakes as I have no basis esp HGBags, I just also want the experience of buying it in an actual store.)

    5. Color? - Now this, I know, being the last thing to decide on, is the hardest one. I initially wanted Anthracite as it looks good in the Balenciaga website but I noticed it has a somewhat blue/green undertone, and I was going for a gray one. Black is also a choice as I can pair it up with any color outfit, but the bag's beautiful detail and design almost can't be seen. So I chose Gris Tarmac, a perfect gray and a gorgeous neutral color. ;)

    Hope this can also help others out there contemplating on their first Bbag purchase! :tup:

    And thanks for checking out my post :heart: XOXO
    IMG_4514m.jpg IMG_5864b.jpg IMG_6034.jpg IMG_6298.jpg
  2. Great choice and congrats
  3. GT is lovely!
  4. Thank you! :cloud9:
  5. Great colour and neutral. Congrats!
  6. You made a great choice, and your bag looks beautiful, great color and nicely distressed!
  7. Beautiful color
  8. Thanks!
    I've read about how no two Bbags are ever the same because they each have unique distressed leather! The sales associate must have thought I was some kinda crazy looking closely at each bag, requesting to see every GT they have in stock. :lol:
  9. Lovely bag and a great description of how you decided on it, thank you
  10. Very pretty bag, congrats!
  11. Great bag and beautiful leather! Congrats!!!
  12. Love it!! Congrats!!!
  13. Thanks for sharing! It looks great on you and GT is indeed a great neutral! Congrats n enjoy your first Bal! Many more to come ;)
  14. It's gorgeous! And it looks great with the red pants :smile: Congrats!

  15. I totally agree 100% point by point I also wanted a city but with a Giant Hardware. nice